Diagnostic Accuracy of the Modified Evan's Blue Dye Test in Detecting Aspiration in Patients with Tracheostomy: A Systematic Review of the Evidence


Bechet, S., Hill, F., et al. (2016).

Dysphagia, 31(6), 721-729.

This systematic review compares the diagnostic accuracy of the modified Evan's Blue Dye Test (MEBDT) to reference standard tests (e.g., videofluoroscopy, fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation) in assessing oropharyngeal aspiration in tracheostomized adults.

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October 2014 to April 2016

Retrospective and prospective study designs


Preliminary evidence suggested that the modified Evan's Blue Dye Test was better at excluding oropharyngeal aspiration in tracheostomized adults (specificity 79-100%; sensitivity 38-95%). However, given the limited number of studies and high variability among patient samples and test administration procedures, further research is warranted.