Valid Items for Screening Dysphagia Risk in Patients With Stroke: A Systematic Review


Daniels, S. K., Anderson, J. A., et al. (2012).

Stroke, 43(3), 892-897.

This systematic review investigates the validity of swallowing screening tools/items to detect aspiration in the stroke population.

Department of Veterans Affairs


Peer-reviewed, published studies (not further specified)


While the quality and type of screening tools was variable, the authors identified five principle categories to be included in future swallowing screening tools. These included the collection of demographic information, medical history, completion of global assessment, oral mechanism examination, and swallowing assessment.

Eleven of the 16 studies utilized some direct assessment of swallowing function (i.e., various water swallow tests) to detect dysphagia. Of the included studies, the authors found cough and wet voice to be essential predictors of aspiration in response to water swallow test.