Treatment for Acquired Apraxia of Speech: Understanding the Evidence
Treatment for Acquired Apraxia of Speech: Understanding the Evidence
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Acquired apraxia of speech (AOS) is a motor speech disorder caused by brain damage, such as from a stroke, and can range from only slight difficulty saying sounds and words to a complete inability to produce sound. Speech-language pathologists working with people with AOS often struggle to determine which treatments will work best to help those with this frustrating disorder. This journal self-study explores the research behind AOS treatment through an updated systematic review of the literature on AOS and exploration of outcomes of treatment for AOS that has been described in single-subject research. In addition, a discussion of a treatment using auditory masking is included, which builds upon and adds to the research on speech motor control. Clinicians will be able to apply the information in these articles to the treatment they provide and add to their arsenal of evidence-based treatment tools with confidence.

Learning Outcomes
You will be able to:

  • discuss how different research methods (e.g., single-subject experiments) influence the evidence for apraxia of speech treatment
  • explain the characteristics of apraxia of speech for which there is consensus in the literature
  • describe the evidence base behind various treatments for apraxia of speech
  • summarize the role auditory masking has on speech sound production in people with and without apraxia of speech
  • discuss how the evidence for treatment of apraxia of speech has evolved and improved over time

What is a Journal Self-Study?
An ASHA journal self-study is a set of articles from ASHA's peer-reviewed, scholarly journals and policy documents to read at your leisure.

Learning Assessment
Online, multiple-choice exam

Continuing Education

9/12/2020 to 9/11/2022

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