ASHA Certification and Ethics Verification

Certification Status

This is to verify that the individual listed below does not currently hold ASHA certification.

In order to achieve ASHA certification an individual must meet the requirements outlined in the certification standards at the time of application.

For more information, please visit the ASHA certification website at

Tiffany Suzanne Miske
ASHA Account Number:
Certification Status:
Not Certified

Clinical Instruction, Supervision or Clinical Fellowship Mentor

Tiffany Suzanne Miske has not yet met the 2020 ASHA certification standards for providing clinical instruction and supervision to individuals preparing for ASHA certification.

For more information, please read more about the 2020 Certification Ethics and Supervision requirements.

About ASHA Certification

ASHA certification must be renewed on a yearly basis through payment of annual dues and/or fees. There also is an additional maintenance requirement for completion of 30 hours of professional development activities every three years.

ASHA does not issue certification numbers. Additionally, ASHA does not maintain copies of application materials submitted for certification once certification has been awarded.

ASHA does not maintain original/paper copies of certification applications and supporting documents after certification has been awarded. ASHA retains digital copies of certification applications and supporting documents for 10 years, and ETS retains PRAXIS results for 10 years.