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Find providers who offer an independent study experience that will enhance your skills and knowledge in an area relevant to communication sciences and disorders. You are not required to use a provider in your state for an independent study experience.

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ASHA CEFind helps you identify courses offered for ASHA CEUs that will meet your educational and professional goals, as well as assist you in maintaining certification and meeting licensure renewal requirements.

ASHA Approved Provider Branding

The ASHA Continuing Education (CE) Provider Brand Block and the Insignia indicate the organization has met the ASHA CE Board requirements and offers continuing education that meets quality standards.

You’ll know a course is offered for ASHA CEUs when you find a Provider Brand Block along with a sentence detailing the number of ASHA CEUs offered, the instructional level, and the content area in the promotional materials for a specific course.

The Provider Insignia indicates that the organization is an ASHA Approved CE Provider. Look for the Insignia on provider materials and websites.

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