Achieve Financial Victory
Achieve Financial Victory
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Vanessa A. Lindley was a speaker at ASHA Convention 2019.

If you’ve tried everything imaginable but have never been able to gain control over your finances and live a more fulfilling life, then this could be one of the most important books you’ve read in years. If you or someone you know is still struggling to live in financial freedom, you know exactly how overwhelming this can be. Not only can it cause emotional stress, but money issues can also take a toll on your relationships, health and affect your self-image. But did you know that there are simple things you can do to win with money and reach financial freedom without constant struggles?

Achieve Financial Victory: 7 Steps to Win with Your Money is your comprehensive go-to guide to setting yourself free financially no matter who you are, where you live, or how much experience you have. This workbook is written to show you seven game-changing strategies to help you achieve victory over your finances. Anyone can master the game of money, but first, you need a coach to show the ropes and that is what this book will do for you. Written to be both informative and reflective, author and coach - Vanessa Lindley reveals how you can create the right changes in attitude, and the right frame of mind to drive your success with this workbook. Filled with sensible and easy-to-follow steps, this book is a blueprint that will help you eliminate barriers and create your own path to financial victory. Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover within the pages of this book:

  • Seven of the most effective financial victory strategies only known to a few financial experts
  • Effective investing strategies for any age group
  • How to become a much better person than you are now regardless of your age, culture or social background
  • Detailed worksheets for accurate planning
  • Financial revelations that will forever change how you think, feel, and act about money
  • How your emotional intelligence drives your behaviors with money and how to gain control
  • And much more…
There is nothing complicated in this self-help guide, just some proven tips that will help you get your financial life together and win with money regardless of your age or current financial situation.

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