About ASHA Continuing Education Units and Professional Development Hours

ASHA Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Eligibility

ASHA CEUs are awarded through the ASHA CE Registry to SLPs, audiologists, and speech/language/hearing scientists. To receive ASHA CEUs, eligible persons must join the ASHA CE Registry. Learn about the CE Registry.

Joining the Registry is optional. If you are eligible to earn ASHA CEUs, but choose not to join the Registry, you may track your professional development hours yourself.

ASHA Approved CE Provider

Professional Development Hours (PDHs) and Eligibility

PDHs are an alternative measurement unit for continuing education activities. Related professionals, speech-language pathology and audiology assistants, and others may receive PDHs.

PDHs can apply toward ASHA certification maintenance. Check with other authorities (such as state license boards or departments of education) to see if they recognize PDHs.

How ASHA CEUs/PDHs Are Calculated

  1. One ASHA CEU equals 10 hours of instruction.
  2. One PDH equals 1 hour of instruction.
  3. Both ASHA CEUs and PDHs are rounded down to the nearest half hour. If, for example, you complete 11 recorded sessions totaling 11 hours, 38 minutes and four live chats totaling 4 hours, you would receive 15.5 PDHs, or 1.55 ASHA CEUs.