ASHA Learning Center

The ASHA Learning Center is the online space where you take, track, and manage your participation in ASHA-produced continuing education (CE) courses.

Most courses ASHA produces are housed in the ASHA Learning Center. When you register for or purchase a CE course by ASHA (whether a la carte or as part of the ASHA Learning Pass, you must log into your ASHA account and navigate to the ASHA Learning Center in order to access the course content and learning assessment.

The exceptions are online conferences and in-person events (e.g., ASHA Convention or ASHA Connect). If you register for or participate in an online conference or in-person event, you access the content outside of the ASHA Learning Center, but you must log your session participation via the ASHA Learning Center to get CE credit and a certificate of completion.

Unless explicitly stated on a per-course basis, you do not need to be an ASHA member in order to participate in ASHA's CE courses and use the ASHA Learning Center.

To access the ASHA Learning Center, select "My Account" in the top right corner, log into your ASHA Account, and select "Access Your ASHA Courses." Navigate to the "My Courses" tab to see the courses in which you are enrolled and those which you have completed (and download a certificate of completion if needed).

How is the ASHA Learning Center different from the CE Registry?

The ASHA Learning Center manages the ASHA-produced CE courses you take. The ASHA CE Registry functions like a college registrar. In addition to maintaining a permanent, cumulative record of courses and ASHA CEUs earned (from courses produced by ASHA as well as other providers), you may also request official transcripts from the CE Registry. The ASHA CE Registry is open to ASHA/NSSLHA members, those who are ASHA certified, and other eligible individuals. Learn more about the CE Registry.