Adult Swallowing Safety: Impact of Changes to Feeding and Swallowing Processes
Adult Swallowing Safety: Impact of Changes to Feeding and Swallowing Processes
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SLPs employ many strategies when working with adults to address feeding and swallowing disorders. From evaluation through treatment, SLPs must consider the impact of alterations to foods, liquids, positioning, and more on swallowing efficiency and safety. This journal self-study investigates what impact the addition of barium to a bolus during a videofluoroscopic swallowing study has on swallowing behaviors; exactly what happens to the swallowing process when the chin-down posture is employed as a compensatory strategy; and how assisted feeding may affect swallowing. Clinicians will come away with a much better explanation of the physiological and functional changes that occur when they make bolus, head position, or feeding situation changes. The articles make specific recommendations about the appropriateness of the chin-down posture for specific types of patients, depending on the difficulties they are having during the swallow. Practical suggestions also are made for how to address some of the problems that are introduced by feeding assistance.

Learning Outcomes
You will be able to:

  • summarize the impact on swallowing behaviors of adding barium to liquids
  • describe the rationale for using a chin-down posture during swallowing
  • discuss what happens physiologically to swallowing structures when the chin-down posture is used
  • explain how assisted feeding affects the swallowing process
  • describe how to maximize the benefits of the chin-down posture and feeding assistance in patients with swallowing difficulties

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"I found the information in this presentation to be very interesting. I also really liked the set up of this course. Being able to print out the review questions was very helpful, and made the final exam not too intimidating. If gave me the time I needed to really review and reflect on the articles prior to taking the exam."- Abbie Gardner, MA, CCC- SLP

What is a journal self-study?
A journal self-study is a set of articles from ASHA's peer-reviewed, scholarly journals and policy documents to read at your leisure. Some journal self-studies are online and others include a printed copy.

Learning Assessment
Online, multiple-choice exam

Continuing Education

6/8/2020 to 6/7/2022

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