PEEPS™ Assessment Kit Profiles of Early Expressive Phonological Skills
PEEPS™ Assessment Kit Profiles of Early Expressive Phonological Skills  
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PEEPS™ is a comprehensive assessment of early phonological skills developed specifically for toddlers 18–36 months. PEEPS helps speech-language pathologists detect speech and language delays early, so children can receive the intervention and support they need to be effective communicators on track for academic achievement.
Key features
  • PEEPS is specially developed to screen young children and uses elicitation techniques and vocabulary words that are appropriate for this population.
  • Early phonological skills are often not assessed, even though they affect early lexical development. Clinicians can use PEEPS to analyze the key components of phonological development, including phonetic inventory, syllable structure, accuracy of consonant production, and error patterns.
  • Because most phonological measures aren’t designed for the young age range, young children may be overidentified as struggling with phonological skills—or a wait-and-see approach is taken with these children, which can delay starting early intervention. PEEPS helps?accurately evaluate children struggling with phonological skills, so they can receive support as early as possible.
  • PEEPS gives clinicians a comprehensive picture of early phonological skills in less than 20 minutes. The kit includes the full PEEPS assessment (60 words) and a shorter PEEPS screener (20 words) that helps determine if in-depth testing with the full PEEPS is warranted.
  • PEEPS is easy to administer. The Examiner’s Manual guides clinicians step by step through the process, and the kit includes access to a demonstration video.
The kit includes:
  • Examiner’s Manual
  • Pack of 10 forms
  • A Book of Things stimulus board book
  • Drawstring bag for examiner to use for physical stimuli
  • Demo video

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