Palliative Care Perspective on Dysphagia Management
Palliative Care Perspective on Dysphagia Management
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These Perspectives (SIG 13) presents clinicians with information across many aspects of feeding and swallowing. Firstly Kendrea Garand, Taylor Thomas, and Rajarshi Dey discuss the physiology of laterality in the clearance of boluses from the pharynx. Next, Jennifer Wilson, Amanda Simmons, and Jillian McCarthy then take us through an interesting description of speech-language pathologists’ experiences and education in pediatric dysphagia and encourage the incorporation of intensive education in this high-risk topic, via various avenues. In the final three articles, Pamela Smith, Jinxu Bridget Xia, and Claire Radford et al., present an in-depth and elaborate perspective on managing patients with dysphagia through a palliative care lens, across the lifespan.

Learning Outcomes
You will be able to:

  • identify factors that influence laterality of pharyngeal bolus clearance in healthy adults
  • explain survey results regarding speech pathologists’ experience and education in pediatric dysphagia
  • explain the speech-language pathologist’s role in managing patients from a palliative care perspective
  • discuss how the application of a narrative approach can inform patient-centered decision making in the management of chronic dysphagia
  • explore recommendations for clinical management of pediatric risk feeding along the different phases of the palliative care continuum

Continuing Education

3/27/2020 to 3/27/2023

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