Select Papers From the 45th Clinical Aphasiology Conference (Reference)
Select Papers From the 45th Clinical Aphasiology Conference (Reference)
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This extensive reference addresses the most pertinent issues in rehabilitation for individuals with communication impairments that are associated with aphasia and apraxia of speech; the papers that make up this special issue of the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology were presented at the 45th Clinical Aphasiology Conference (CAC).

This cutting-edge publication—edited by Anastasia Raymer, PhD, CCC-SLP—covers the measurement of treatment outcomes in individuals with acquired neurologic communication impairments. Comparative effectiveness and generalization of theoretically motivated therapies are a central theme. In a systematic review, the use of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in aphasia is examined relative to its impact on recovery. Another treatment study investigates the effects of sentence repetition–based working memory treatment to enhance sentence comprehension in aphasia.

The use of electropalatography in the treatment of apraxia of speech is examined, and another article included in this collection explores the first 2 years of recovery with apraxia of speech. In addition, the core outcome measures in aphasia treatment research are identified and categorized using an e-Delphi consensus method by a group of international aphasia researchers.

Read a sample article: “The Use of One or Three Semantic Associative Primes in Treating Anomia in Aphasia
ASHA is pleased to partner with CAC to disseminate these valuable scholarly contributions in order to help advance the evidence base of the discipline.

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