Wake Up! Your Life is Calling
Wake Up! Your Life is Calling
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Wake Up! Your Life is Calling
by Mike Jaffe, Key Note Speaker at 2014 ASHA Schools Conference

In this thought-provoking guide to creating the extraordinary life you've always wanted, business and personal coach Mike Jaffe will challenge you to dramatically redesign your life. Jaffe, a 9/11 survivor who worked on the 96th floor of the World Trade Center, arrived 20 minutes late to work that day after deciding to have breakfast with his wife and daughter. This was his personal wakeup call to realize that life is a precious gift and small actions can make a big difference.

 It's time to join him-and countless other successful individuals-in the Wakeup RevolutionTM. Stop floating or drifting. Stop waiting for "someday." Now is the time to own your path and start moving powerfully toward what you want. Wake Up! Your Life Is Calling will get you there by inspiring you to:

        Expand your universe of what you believe is possible 

        Develop the internal fire and vision to stop accepting a life that is "fine" and push for one that is truly extraordinary

        Land your dream job, create that lasting relationship, and carve out time to achieve bigger goals.

The secret? The five essential principles for rewriting your tomorrow contained in this book. Your life is waiting. Are you ready to dive in?

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