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Audiologist Certified Magnet
Format(s): Gift Items
This “Certified Audiologist” magnet is perfect for the professional who practices in any setting. This would be a great addition to any office, sound booth, refrigerator, locker, or filing cabinet.
Effective Communication Magnet
Format(s): Gift Items
Stand behind your powerful belief that “effective communication is a human right.”
Speak Up Listen Up Magnet
Format(s): Gift Items
Inspire the world with this modern, colorfully designed magnet that expresses your passion for audiology or speech-language pathology.
AUD Magnet
Format(s): Gift Items
Add a pop of color to your car or refrigerator with this modern, sleek audiology design. If you’ve been looking for a little something to customize your filing cabinet, you’ve found it right here!
AUDs Rock Magnet
Format(s): Gift Items
Let your inner audiologist ROCK! This AUDs Rock magnet isn’t only about rock n’ roll, but it’s sure to jazz up any fridge or sound booth when you put it on display.
I Laud Ears Magnet
Format(s): Gift Items
Do you laud ears? Of course you do! You’re an audiologist! Display your audiology pride with this I Laud Ears magnet on your refrigerator or even in your sound booth!
I'm All Ears Magnet
Format(s): Gift Items
Hop over to the fridge to check the grocery list under the I’m All Ears magnet! This adorable piece is perfect for audiologists looking for a cute way to share their profession on their refrigerator (and it could make a great gift for an audiologist in your life).

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