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Bilingual Diagram of the Ear
This fully updated Bilingual Diagram of the Ear/Hearing Aids is a must-have for every audiologist. On one side is a detailed diagram of the outer, middle, and inner ear – flip over for an illustration of a hearing aid and its components and examples of current devices. Both sides are labelled in English and Spanish. It is especially useful when you are counseling patients.
From 1 to 4: $3.00
From 5 to 1000: $2.70
An Alphabet Pet Parade in Topsy-Turvy Town, Population 26
Format(s): Books
When Zoe Z. Zany gets permission from her grandpa, Yulee Y. Young, to get a pet, she attends the Topsy-Turvy Town Alphabet Pet Parade and is smitten with a mischievous black-and-white critter creating an increasing amount of chaos.

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