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Kodi’s Adventures: How I Learned to Defeat the Time Snatcher
Format(s): Books
It’s the first day of middle school, and Kodi is ready for a new start. Goodbye to missed buses, lost papers, and incomplete homework, and hello to being on time, getting good grades, and having time for video games! But Kodi’s plans don’t go as he imagined. Day after day, time keeps getting away from him, and he feels defeated. What can be snatching his time away from him?
Identify the Signs Poster for Audiologists
Format(s): Poster
Display this poster to educate parents, caregivers, and the general public about the early warning signs of hearing disorders.
Communication Tips and Etiquette
Format(s): Poster
This newly updated poster provides tips on how to communicate with people who have hearing, speech, and cognitive-communication impairments.
Hearing Loss Communication Tips
Format(s): Poster
This newly updated poster provides tips to enhance communication with people with hearing loss. The poster emphasizes that effective communication involves active participation by both the listener and the speaker.
Bilingual Audiology Clipboard
Format(s): Other
This updated Bilingual Audiology Clipboard of the Ear/Hearing Aids is a must-have for every audiologist. The clipboard is especially useful when counseling patients.
Hearing Aid Poster
Format(s): Poster
Show your customers the different types of hearing aids. This poster has an illustration of the components of a hearing aid and features photographs of various devices. 18” X 24”
Waking Up and Language Exerts Power Posters
Format(s): Value Sets
Save 20% when you purchase two colorful artistic posters about speech, language and hearing.
Language Exerts Power Poster
Format(s): Poster
This unique poster, designed exclusively for ASHA by artist Nancy Gibson-Nash, depicts the powerful force of language in our lives. Using homemade and found objects, the artist has created a sculpture that reinforces the power of communication, language and literacy.
Waking Up to the Sounds of Life Poster
Format(s): Poster
This original piece of art, designed exclusively for ASHA by artist Nancy Gibson-Nash, depicts the joy of hearing everyday sounds in everyday life. Using a combination of found and handmade objects, the artist has created a whimsical sculpture. It's a poster that will be loved by adults and children alike.
High Ideals Poster
Format(s): Poster
This limited edition poster as an instant conversation starter that underlines the value of speech and hearing.
Dream Soliloquy Poster
Format(s): Poster
This exclusive poster is an instant conversation starter for any audiologist and speech-language pathologist.
Partners in Speech, Language, and Hearing: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers of Babies and Young Children
Format(s): Books
Newly updated! Help promote a child’s communication skills development with this illustrated bilingual (English and Spanish) book. Perfect for parents and caregivers.

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