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Feeding and Swallowing Disorders in Infants
Format(s): Poster
All new parents can feel anxious—and even more so when their infant has difficulty feeding. This reassuring and easy-to-read informational poster tells parents how to recognize a problem, identify possible causes, and seek help and treatment, emphasizing the importance of early intervention.
Essential Body Parts for Speech and Swallowing Poster
Format(s): Poster
Essential Body Parts for Speech and Swallowing Poster 
Laminated Speech and Swallowing Diagrams
Format(s): Laminated Handout
Laminated Speech and Swallowing Diagrams
ASHA Swallowing Illustrations Pad
Format(s): Patient Handouts
Twenty-five (25) easy tear-off sheets for you to write on and give to your patients so they can take results and recommendations home.
Dysphagia Kit
Format(s): Specialized Kit
This useful forest green bag contains the material you need to get you started with swallowing evaluations and treatment.
Normal Swallowing Poster
Format(s): Poster
This beautifully redesigned poster shows key body parts and illustrates how the bolus moves through the oral phase; early, middle, and late pharyngeal phases; and esophageal phase. Use these clearly marked illustrations to better communicate with your patients.
Feeding and Swallowing Problems in Children
Format(s): Booklets and Brochures
This revised brochure defines both feeding and swallowing disorders in children. It includes information about what causes feeding and swallowing problems, signs to look for in babies and children, and what an SLP can do to help. Written in easy to understand language.
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