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Exploring Cultural Responsiveness: Guided Scenarios for Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) Professionals Best Buy
Format(s): Value Sets
ASHA’s Multicultural Issues Board has compiled this collection of thought-provoking, guided scenarios for audiologists and speech-language pathologists. This personal workbook will expand upon the knowledge that you have about the relationships between culture, communication, language, and clinical practice, and will challenge the ways you think about how culture impacts every aspect of your professional work.
Speech-Language Pathologists as Expert Witnesses Best Buy
Format(s): Value Sets
This book will give you the insights you need as a confident and knowledgeable witness to represent yourself, your client, and your profession in malpractice, health care disputes, privacy and confidentiality breaches, abuse, child custody, fraud, special education conflicts, criminal cases, civil rights claims, and more.
Speech Motor Control in Normal and Disordered Speech: Future Developments in Theory and Methodology Best Buy
Format(s): Value Sets
Contributions from world-renowned researchers provide an in-depth overview of the state-of-the-art speech motor control research. The book offers insights into the complex nature of speech motor control in both adults and children, and covers new developments in methodology, technology, and modeling.
Dysphagia Kit
Format(s): Value Sets
This useful forest green bag contains the material you need to get you started with swallowing evaluations and treatment.

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