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Unsilenced  A Teacher’s Year of Battles, Breakthroughs, and Life-Changing Lessons at Belchertown State School
Format(s): Books
Howard C. Shane, PhD, CCC-SLP As a member benefit, prices are marked 10% off the list price. The year is 1969, and fresh-out-of-college smart-aleck Howard Shane has just landed his first teaching job—at Belchertown State School, a bleak institution where people with disabilities endure endless days of silence, tedium, and neglect. Howard is stunned by the conditions at Belchertown and the challenges of his new job, but as he gets to know his diverse, endearing, and intelligent students, he becomes consumed with a mission: to unlock their communication skills and help them reach their full potential. Pitting his youthful idealism and passion against the rigidity of a rule-bound administrator, Howard battles his way to small joys and victories with his students—and, along the way, learns just as much as he teaches. A stirring and spellbinding memoir from?internationally renowned AAC expert?Howard Shane (Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School),?Unsilenced?is a candid look at a pivotal era in disability history and a deeply personal account of how all human beings can flourish when we care for each other and fight for change.
National Speech-Language Pathology Examination Review & Study Guide, 2nd Edition 
Format(s): Books
The Guide is designed to improve critical reasoning skills, increase test-taking confidence, and make sure you pass the exam the first time. It combines a comprehensive content review with rigorous practice exams to make sure students are prepared for the PRAXIS®. Successful study strategies and up-to-date information on the licensure process is also included.
Stuttering: Power Over It
Format(s): Books
We can see Earth. We can see individual countries. We can even see individual states, suburbs, and houses. But we still can’t see inside the house known as stuttering. Author and Speech-Language-Pathologist Dale F. Williams takes us on a special journey inside his “house of stuttering” and shows what it’s like to grow up as a person who stutters—and one who successfully claimed power over it.
Speech-Language Pathologists as Expert Witnesses Best Buy
Format(s): Value Sets
This book will give you the insights you need as a confident and knowledgeable witness to represent yourself, your client, and your profession in malpractice, health care disputes, privacy and confidentiality breaches, abuse, child custody, fraud, special education conflicts, criminal cases, civil rights claims, and more.
Speech-Language Pathologists as Expert Witnesses
Format(s): eBook
This groundbreaking book provides a comprehensive resource for speech-language pathologists who may already serve as expert witnesses, for those wanting to broaden their practice to include expert witnessing and for those who may find themselves involved in a dispute or due process hearing. Complex concepts are explained through numerous case studies as examples of disputes in all work settings.

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