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End-of-Life Care Considerations for the Speech-Language Pathologist
Format(s): Books
This book focuses on the crucial role of speech-language pathologists (SLPs) in hospice and palliative care settings. Seasoned clinicians provide a practical guide to the terminology, context, and knowledge needed to employ best practices and address the specific needs of patients nearing the end of life.
Telepractice: A Clinical Guide for Speech-Language Pathologists
Format(s): Books
This book offers speech-language pathologists (SLPs) information to provide successful telepractice services. Written with the viewpoint of post–COVID-19 application, this professional text can assist both novice and veteran SLPs adjust to working via telepractice.
Interprofessional Education Toolkit: Practical Strategies for Program Design, Implementation, and Assessment 
Format(s): Books
Following a step-by-step approach with supporting resources and examples, the authors offer a structured method for successful interprofessional program design, implementation, and assessment. Readers will explore interprofessional education (IPE) through the context of accreditation standards, administrative leadership, stakeholder buy-in, faculty and professional development, scholarship, teaching and learning, and curriculum development. Ten toolkits give professionals and educators the resources they need to quickly start new IPE learning experiences.
Speech-Language Pathologists as Expert Witnesses Best Buy
Format(s): Books
This book will give you the insights you need as a confident and knowledgeable witness to represent yourself, your client, and your profession in malpractice, health care disputes, privacy and confidentiality breaches, abuse, child custody, fraud, special education conflicts, criminal cases, civil rights claims, and more.
Speech-Language Pathologists as Expert Witnesses
Format(s): Books, eBook
This groundbreaking book provides a comprehensive resource for speech-language pathologists who may already serve as expert witnesses, for those wanting to broaden their practice to include expert witnessing and for those who may find themselves involved in a dispute or due process hearing. Complex concepts are explained through numerous case studies as examples of disputes in all work settings.
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This SLP Life: Powerful Self-Care Practices to Embrace Change
Format(s): Books
A book for SLPs who are ready to reconnect with their vision, their courage, and their voice.
Strategic Practice Management: Business Considerations for Audiologists and Other Healthcare Professionals, 3rd Edition
Best Seller
Private Practice Essentials
Format(s): Books, eBook
Whether you are a speech-language pathologist new to private practice or have an established practice and want to hone your skills, Private Practice Essentials gives you the business know-how you need to reach your goals.
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Audiology Practice and Curriculum Analysis
Format(s): eBook
A practice analysis is the primary mechanism for describing the tasks or clinical activities, knowledge, and skills underlying the practice of audiology.
Speech-Language Pathology Practice and Curriculum Analysis
Format(s): eBook
A practice analysis is the primary mechanism for describing the tasks or clinical activities, knowledge, and skills underlying the practice of speech-language pathology.
Translational Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

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Format(s): Books
Translational research has been conducted for decades and yet, despite the promotion of this “bench-to-bedside” approach by the National Institutes of Health since 2006, its adoption by the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology has been relatively scant and mostly individual.
Evidence-Based Practice-Issue of CICSD
Format(s): Books
Designed as a clinical reference for graduate student clinicians, clinical fellows, clinical supervisors, and practicing clinicians, this issue of CICSD provides you with everything you need to know about Evidence-Based Practice. Articles include: Information Retrieval: Where’s Your Evidence? ; The Art (and Science) of Building an Evidence Based Portfolio; Interpreting & Maintaining the Evidence plus many more.
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Successful Operations in the Treatment Outcomes Driven World of Managed Care
Format(s): Books
Provides information regarding the changing health care delivery environment, including the basics on managed care and treatment outcomes. Discusses the relationship between managed care and treatment outcomes and provides details regarding documentation parameters, the need for data and its availability, and the role of informatics.

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