Understanding Aphasia
Understanding Aphasia
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“Aphasia is a language disorder. It does not affect thinking.”

This fully updated and revised brochure provides families and caregivers with information about aphasia. It outlines what problems might result from the disorder and the ways in which speech-language pathologists can help. It gives communication tips from the point of view of both the person with aphasia and the people wanting to communicate with them. It is written and designed to be health literate and includes vignettes and photos. There is also a wallet-sized aphasia ID card to cut out and personalize.

This bilingual booklet is in our flip book format. Begin on one side for English; flip the book to the other side for Spanish.

Special Features
Cut-out aphasia ID card
Space on ID card to personalize with your practice information
Bilingual flip book format

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Trim Size: 5.5" × 8.5"
Pages: 16

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