What Are the Sounds That Surround You? Poster
What Are the Sounds That Surround You? Poster
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Artist Asma Enayeh created this specially commissioned artwork exclusively for ASHA. The poster emphasizes the importance of taking the time to listen to the richness of our world—and to each other. Asma uses as her inspiration natural sounds such as birds chirping and dogs barking, mixed with manmade sounds like musical instruments and ice cream trucks to remind us of the joy that sound can bring to those ready to listen. Maybe you’ll hear something new—or maybe you’ll connect with something comfortingly familiar.

The poster will brighten your workspace or waiting room, and it offers opportunities to start a conversation about the sounds in the world around you.


  • Fits standard size frame 24" x 30"

About the Artist

Asma Enayeh is a French Syrian illustrator living in Dubai. As a child, she spent the summer with her grandparents in the French countryside. Her childhood experiences of drawing surrounded by nature have influenced and inspired her aesthetic. Her love of the natural world is reflected in her concern for the environment and the changes that we as humans need to make to preserve our planet for future generations.

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