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CPR (Critical Professional Replenishment) for Supervision (SIG 10) (On Demand Webinar)
Format(s): On Demand Webinar
This on demand webinar will address the current state of medical SLP externships from a university perspective. Presenters will share examples of successful integration and supervision in pediatric and adult medical settings. They will offer evidence-based, practical suggestions for supervision training and strategies that ensure the integrity of the profession and the delivery of quality, culturally responsive services to patients. The webinar will also include a student’s perspective regarding supervision across the continuum from graduate studies to clinical fellowship. This webinar – part of the SIGnature Series – was developed by SIG 10: Issues in Higher Education.
Marginalized Students: Bandwidth Recovery for Academic and Clinical Success (SIG 10)
Format(s): On Demand Webinar
This course explores factors that diminish the cognitive capacity of communication sciences and disorders (CSD) students, including poverty, racism, and discrimination based on socially marginalized identities, including disability. The COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest have created a daily reality of uncertainty, taking up a lot of bandwidth. Although these issues affect everyone in some way, they impact marginalized groups with greater severity. In this course, the speakers share ideas for the classroom and clinical environments to provide instructors and clinical supervisors with practical strategies to help students recover the bandwidth they need to learn and thrive. Speakers discuss the clinical implications of welcoming a diverse group of students into CSD programs and ways to support them. This course – part of the SIGnature Series – was developed by SIG 10: Issues in Higher Education.

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