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Attn Supervisors: Reframe Your Thinking About Cultural Diversity (SIG 11) (On Demand Webinar)
Format(s): On Demand Webinar
This on demand webinar will focus on the impact of diversity on the supervisory relationship and the importance of cultural competence in clinical supervision. Speakers will examine the influence that language, labeling, stereotyping, and implicit bias have on the supervisor and supervisee, as well as discuss strategies and techniques to improve cultural competencies for supervising SLPs and audiologists. The webinar will review the literature on diversity and cultural competence in supervision; discuss biases, power imbalance, cultural humility, and self-analysis; and include case studies and activities that provide supervisors an opportunity to consider their own cultural identity and ways in which this identity influences their supervisory alliance. This webinar – part of the SIGnature Series – was developed by SIG 11: Administration and Supervision.
Supervision in the Era of COVID-19: Tips from a Trauma-Informed Perspective (SIG 11)
Format(s): On Demand Webinar
This course discusses the challenges of speech-language service provision and supervision during the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on the needs of clients, supervisees, and clinicians themselves. The pandemic has created many professional challenges for SLPs, including the need to quickly adjust to telepractice for service delivery and supervision, emotional stressors and trauma that may exacerbate clients’ communication difficulties, and vicarious traumatization of clinicians themselves. The speaker discusses mindfulness, presence, and self-regulation as tools to enhance and adapt speech-language intervention and supervision in the current reality. This course – part of the SIGnature Series – was developed by SIG 11: Administration and Supervision.

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