Special Interest Group 03 - Voice and Upper Airway Disorders

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Foundations of Stroboscopic Interpretation and Clinical Cases
Format(s): SIG Perspectives and Exam
In this series of SIG 3 articles, a foundation for laryngeal endoscopic imaging and interpreting videostroboscopic parameters is provided. These concepts are then put into practice in the context of three case studies focused on muscle tension dysphonia, bilateral vocal fold lesions, and vocal fold immobility. In the cases, auditory perceptual analysis, acoustic and aerodynamic measures, and candidacy for voice therapy are assessed in addition to videostroboscopic parameters. Video and audio examples are included to provide an interactive experience for the reader.
Education, Considerations, and Techniques in Gender Affirming Voice Care
Format(s): SIG Perspectives
In this series of articles, the need for clear guidelines in graduate education on the topic of transgender voice and communication is explored through an e-survey. Considerations for culturally competent voice care is presented in the context of two case studies. Case studies are also used to highlight the importance of an interdisciplinary gender affirming approach for successful voice care with adolescence. In the final article, a voice technique is adapted for voice masculinization.
Ethical Considerations for Voice and Upper Airway Clinicians
Format(s): SIG Perspectives
These Perspectives (SIG 3) articles address ethical considerations for voice and upper airway clinicians. Speech language pathologists are responsible to conduct clinical and business activities ethically, legally, and with a high level of integrity. Billing questions and reimbursement issues that often arise related to ever-changing insurance regulations and Medicare guidelines will be addressed. Additionally, factors that guide ethical decision-making to determine what comprises medically necessary voice therapy that involves or targets singing voice will be presented.
Voice and Laryngeal Manifestations of Autoimmune Diseases
Format(s): SIG Perspectives
This Perspectives (SIG 3) article provides a thorough review of the literature regarding autoimmune disease and effects on voice and laryngeal function. To maximize patient outcomes, guidelines for differential diagnosis and referral patterns are highlighted.
Updates on Vocal Fold Paralysis SIG 3
Format(s): SIG Perspectives
These Perspectives (SIG 3) articles provide a comprehensive update on evaluation and management of unilateral vocal fold paralysis. Multidisciplinary evaluations are addressed in addition to various medical and behavioral treatment options.

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