Special Interest Group 11 - Administration and Supervision

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Effective Relationships in Supervisory and Work Settings
Format(s): SIG Perspectives
This SIG 11 Perspectives activity presents two unique articles related to enhancing relationships in supervisory and work settings. The first article highlights specific skills sets required for clinical providers and describes primary performance indicators (PPIs) that are critical to building effective working relationships. In the second article, the authors detail the findings of a study on similarities and differences in work ethic among three generations of speech-language pathologists.
Outlining the Use of Strategic Questioning and Applying the Code of Ethics
Format(s): SIG Perspectives
These Perspectives (SIG 11) articles outline the use of strategic questioning methods to stimulate students' critical thinking and other higher order thinking skills. In addition, the Code of Ethics is discussed as it relates to supervisory experiences across various settings.
Clinical and Research Topics in Supervision
Format(s): SIG Perspectives
These Perspectives (SIG 11) articles outlined how using real-time digital recordings of student sessions can support students' ability to self-evaluate, collect data, and prepare for therapy; provided data regarding the use of low-level vs. high-level questions with first- and final-year graduate students; and described a pilot project involving observation-based formative assessment tools for faculty use during clinical supervision.

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