Elements of a Comprehensive Clinical Dysphagia Evaluation
Elements of a Comprehensive Clinical Dysphagia Evaluation
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Total run time: 4 hours, 41 minutes

SLPs face the challenge of collecting and sifting through the vast amount of information about every client to ensure they are conducting an appropriate and comprehensive evaluation of a patient with a suspected swallowing disorder. This course describes the elements of a complete clinical dysphagia evaluation – from consultation to instrumental exam – so clinicians can determine the appropriate evaluation tools for the individual patient. Presenter Joseph Murray covers the key points to address in a consultation, how to discern the salient parts of a medical record, how to conduct an informative interview with the patient or caregiver, how to determine what tests and tools to employ in the clinical examination – and how to conduct it – and when to employ instrumentation.

Learning Outcome
You will be able to:

  • identify decision making junctions during the history-taking session that trigger additional questions and actions
  • list the salient entries in the medical record that reveal function and dysfunction
  • identify clinical findings that necessitate further instrumental assessment
  • compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of laryngoscopy vs. videofluoroscopy as an instrumental assessment

What is Included?
You'll get online access to all the course content, including the full video, references, and eManual, so you can access it from anywhere!

Assessment Type
Self-assessment—Think about what you learned and report on the Completion Form how you will use your new knowledge.

What course participants are saying:
“This course gave me so much new information on how to treat my clients better. I can now adopt a more holistic approach when examining my patients, and I am much more aware of the potential warning signs. The interviews with real-life patients were invaluable”—Alicia Thompson, CCC-SLP
“I learned a lot of new clinical information, but also great approaches on how to educate parents and other caregivers, especially those from outside the U.S.”— Arlene Arthur, CCC-SLP 
“Taking this course now allows me to be more thorough in how I  evaluate my patients—paying more attention to their overall gross motor function/mobility and lab values, and getting more information about social factors and stressors that could be contributing to their overall health and ability to maintain adequate nutrition and hydration.”— Amelie Bail, CCC-SLP

Alicia Thompson, CCC-SLP talks about what she learned:


This course is part of the Fundamentals of Dysphagia learning path.

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This learning path is designed for clinicians who are new to the area of swallowing disorders—as well as experienced clinicians who want a refresher. Taken together, these courses provide a comprehensive overview of dysphagia assessment and treatment.

Continuing Education

5/27/2019 to 5/27/2024

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