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Special Interest Group 14 - Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

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Heritage Language Transmission and Community Engagement
Format(s): SIG Perspectives and Exam
These Perspectives (SIG 14) articles focus on learning about variables and challenges that impact heritage language transmission and incorporating student engagement into the local community as part of cultural diversity training in a communication disorders curriculum. Topics include (a) examining variables that contribute to heritage language transmission in Texas, and (b) increasing student awareness of cultural linguistic diversity within the local communities in and around the Los Angeles, CA area.
Cultural Competence, Adult Bilingual Fluency, and LGBTQ Clients
Format(s): SIG Perspectives and Exam
These Perspectives (SIG 14) articles topics include (a) the effects of an experiential learning opportunity on undergraduates’ cultural competence; (b) a description of an LGBTQ content module that can be integrated into coursework on cultural and linguistic diversity; and (c) fluency strategies for treating bilingual adults who stutter.
Perspectives, SIG 14, Vol. 3, Part 3, 2018
Format(s): SIG Perspectives and Exam
This Perspectives issue focused on training clinicians to provide the most appropriate services for people in the LGBTQ community. Topics included; (a) a tutorial on how to design a transgender voice clinic; (b) key characteristics of the LGBTQ community that are pertinent to clinical practice.
Perspectives, SIG 14, Vol. 3, Part 2, 2018
Format(s): SIG Perspectives and Exam
These articles include two qualitative studies that provided insight into various aspects of services for culturally diverse and linguistic (CLD) populations. Topics include: (a) a qualitative study conducted by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Multicultural Issues Board designed to extract CLD clinicians’ beliefs on how their backgrounds affect their career choices and practice, as well as their suggestions on how to be most responsive to CLD clients; (b) a qualitative analysis of caregivers’ views on services they received for their CLD children during home-based treatment and; (c) a cross-disciplinary review of 40 years of literature on children who use African American English.
Perspectives, SIG 14, Vol. 3, Part 1, 2018
Format(s): SIG Perspectives and Exam
This Perspectives targeted a personnel preparation approach to promote cultural competence when working with Arab-Americans, as well as a research review with a clinical case study pertaining to selecting the language of intervention for a bilingual child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Topics included: (a) research to support clinical decisions about language of intervention with bilingual children diagnosed with ASD; (b) strategies to educate an interprofessional team about best practices in bilingual intervention for children with ASD and; (c) application of critical thinking skills in order to be culturally competent when working with Arab-Americans.
Perspectives, SIG 14, Vol. 2, Part 3, 2017
Format(s): SIG Perspectives and Exam
This Perspectives targeted personnel preparation methods to promote cultural competence, as well as health disparities in the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) community. Topics included: (a) identification of areas of disparities and barriers to services for children with ASD from diverse backgrounds and how speech-language pathologists (SLPs) can help reduce some disparities; (b) a description of Project Tapestry that prepares future SLPs to differentiate linguistic differences from disorders, be sensitive to and aware of cultural differences, and communicate and implement culturally appropriate treatment plans, and; (c) a description of an interprofessional education program that included clinically oriented coursework and internships to teach SLPs to integrate evidenced-based training with practice.

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