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Dementia, Student Supervision,  and the Patient Driven Groupings Model
Format(s): SIG Perspectives
These Perspectives (SIG 15) articles discuss issues related to dementia care, student supervision, and the home health patient driven groupings model. Warren describes the rational for the development of a new payment system, how it will be changing, and what speech-language pathologists can do to be prepared and successfully navigate the transition. Davies explores the relating concepts of participation and communication in dementia care research and to propose future avenues of research within the field of communication disorders. Bice and Smith discuss current issues found in external clinical placements, their possible causes, and offers practical solutions for assisting students to benefit from their experiences.
An Intergenerational Cognitive Training Program
Format(s): SIG Perspectives
This Perspectives (SIG 15) article discusses the benefits and nuances of development of an intergenerational cognitive social media training program. The program supports the use of a cognitive social media training tool to promote intergenerational learning, communication, and stimulation, with parallel benefits for young and older adults.
Perspectives, SIG 15, Vol. 3, Part 1, 2018
Format(s): SIG Perspectives
Authors identify peer-reviewed academic and medical journal articles that examine typical neuroanatomical aspects and characteristics of the different types of dementia. The authors reinforce the importance of a thorough understanding of these neuroanatomical characteristics for differential diagnosis of dementias. Additionally, authors identify best practices for interprofessional education (IPE) for improving services provided to older adults. Studies have also shown that IPE activities may elicit positive changes in student perceptions toward older adults and other professions.

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